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Team Collaboration and File Sharing

For many organizations, servers and local file shares have worked great, but faced with the prospect of everyone working from home, these systems need to change quickly. Modern cloud services also incorporate real-time communications such as chat, voice and video functionality to connect teams no matter where they are.

Office 365 for Nonprofits (TechImpact) – an introduction to Microsoft’s cloud productivity suite

Microsoft Teams for Nonprofits (501 Commons)- Detailed walk-through of Teams for internal and external collaboration.

Sharing & Collaborating Using Microsoft Teams (TechImpact) – Learn how Teams brings messages, files, people, and tools together in a single app in Office 365.

Replacing Your Phone Systems with Microsoft Teams (TechImpact)– Learn about the features and benefits of using Microsoft Teams Phone System.

How to Get Free Conferencing Tools From Google and Microsoft for the Next Few Months (LifeHacker)- both companies are offering free conferencing tools for a limited time.

Ten Reasons to say YES! to Microsoft’s Free Offer of Office 365 (501 Commons)

Sharing & Collaborating Using SharePoint (TechImpact)– In this webinar, see how SharePoint can replace your file server, shared drive, or other file storage solutions.

Cloud Storage Comparison for Nonprofits (TechImpact)- compares Office365, Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive on 15 key features with this active tool.

Box Demo (TechImpact)– This webinar will highlight the system features of Box including navigation, user permissions, office integration, and Box Drive.

Disaster Planning and Recovery (TechSoup) – Resources to ensure your organization is prepared for the next disaster.

Understanding the Videoconferencing Tools Available to Your Nonprofit (TechSoup) – Find the perfect tool for your organization.

Nonprofit Resources for quickly setting up Remote Work (TechSoup) – Tools that can be implemented relatively quickly, with little to no external IT support.

Helping businesses and schools stay connected by offering free access to advanced Hangouts Meet video-conferencing capabilities to all G Suite and G Suite for Education customers globally. Educators can also check out tips on the Google for Education blog for inspiration and ideas.

Leading and Managing Remote Teams

Moving from an office-based team to mobile workforce has ramifications that cannot be overlooked. Ensure your organization has policies in place to protect the organization, managers and staff.

Remote Working: Setting Yourself and Your Teams Up for Success (Free Classes from Linkedin Learning)

Virtual Workplaces: Technology and HR Considerations (501 Commons) Benefits of remote work options.

Nonprofit Technology Policy Workbook (TechImpact)- a toolkit for developing policies and guidelines for use of personal devices, home computers and networks, incident response and disaster recovery.

The Remote Option: Smart Technology for Creating Virtual Teams (Idealware) – to support a virtual team, an organization has to think differently about operations and technology. In this free article, we’ll show you what you need to know to succeed.

Virtual Town Hall on Nonprofit Employee Remote Policy this webinar is co-hosted by Nonprofit HR and Independent Sector, including free template if you have an All-Staff Town Hall Meeting

Shifting Hiring and Interviews to Virtual – advice for job candidates and hiring committees (via Aspen Leadership Group)

Virtual Gala Example (Upaya)

Cloud Security

Moving to the cloud changes how we think about security. The security benefits of the cloud are numerous when compared to on-premise systems. The cloud means outsourcing risk to experts and introduces great new technologies such as multi-factor authentication.

Nonprofit Guidelines for Cybersecuity and Privacy (TechImpact) – a guide to cybersecurity and cloud solutions from Microsoft.

Staying ahead of COVID Financial Scams (

Remote Access

Don’t have time or capacity to move anything to the cloud? Want access to Quickbooks to do payroll? Need to run reports on a legacy Access database? Do you have sensitive information that cannot be quickly moved to the cloud? If you don’t have an existing remote access solution, consider these technologies.

Regional Assistance and Solutions

Luckily, even during challenging times, there are groups and associations that have resources and knowledge to keep our teams and missions resilient and sustainable. Here are a a few of the best from different regions of the US.

501 Commons, Washington – provides expertise to nonprofits through 30+ services, including a full range of management consulting; technology consulting (IT planning and database development); outsourced HR, accounting, IT infrastructure, and database management services; professional development and board training; and free information and referral services.

Compass Point, California – helps leaders, nonprofit organizations, and movements committed to social justice realize their full power.

Foraker, Alaska- strengthens Alaska’s nonprofit and tribal organizations through education, professional services and organizational development

Georgia Council of Non Profits-  provides nonprofits, board members and donors with the tools they need to strengthen organizations that make a difference on important causes throughout Georgia

Momentum- Tennessee: works in collaboration with peer organizations across Tennessee to expand access to skills development for nonprofit professionals while building capacity for nonprofit organizations

Nonprofit Center of Idaho- an association of forward-looking nonprofit leaders who come together to share knowledge, solve problems, pursue common interests, and serve the public good

Tech Impact- Pennsylvania: offers technology services for nonprofits to empower them to better support their communities with Data, IT, Communications and Capacity Building solutions that promote productivity

Third Sector- New England: provides management and leadership resources to fellow nonprofits

USA State Associations Map (Council of Nonprofits)